Sewing machine restoration and Service

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sewing machine repair

Sewing Machine Service & Repair

One of the biggest concerns when purchasing any sewing machine is what to do when it’s time for service or a needed repair. Service can become a big problem, especially if you buy a machine online and have to deal with the hassle of shipping it to the manufacturer and then waiting weeks for its return. At Robbin’s Bobbin, we eliminate the worry by providing service right in our Euclid Studio. We come to you and offer Pickup and Delivery. We take great pride in our exceptional service and repair department, and we truly believe that our trained technicians are the best in the industry because they bring years of experience and training to every machine they service. They also work hand-in-hand with manufacturers to make sure that your machine is efficiently serviced and kept up-to-date with the right parts and highest-quality workmanship. Robbin’s Bobbin offers expert service and repairs for sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers, long-arm quilting machines, industrial sewing machines, and more.

We start off with our 49-point Full Service Tune Up; this usually remedies 90% of the issues that we encounter.

We will:

• Lubricate All Moving Parts

• Grease Gears Where Needed

• Re-time Needle and Hook, if necessary

• Adjust Needle Bar Height, if necessary

• Adjust Sewing Timing, if necessary

• Adjust Tensions

• Clean Machine

• Test Machine to ensure that it's been fixed

We service:

• Husqvarna Viking

• Pfaff

• Brother

• Singer

• Janome

• Baby Lock

• Bernina

• Elna

• Juki

• Pfaff

• Simplicity

• White

Sharpening of Knives and Scissors

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sewing machine repair

Knife & Scissor Sharpening 

Robbin’s Bobbin Workshop is a mobile sharpening service that helps both Professionals and Non-Professionals get the best performance from their knives, scissors, shears, clippers, tools–anything with an edge. If it has an edge, we can sharpen it to better than new. If you want an edge put on it, we can do that too! Best thing is that we come to you; we’re fully equipped to sharpen items wherever you need us, your home or your office/business. You no longer have to ship it out or take a tour of our fair city, searching for someone to help keep you safe and stress free. We’ll do that by coming to you! We’ll hand you back a perfectly sharpened Knife, Scissor, or Tool. As Professional Sharpeners we do more than just sharpen your blades; we examine every blade to determine if any repair or corrections to the blade geometry are required. We then utilize a system and equipment which is engineered and designed to repair, restore, sharpen, and polish your bladed tool to as good, or in many cases, better than new condition. We understand blade angles and are recommended sharpeners for JA Henckels, Wusthoff, Shun, Global, Mercer, Victorinox, Kai, and many other brands. We re-serrate bread and steak knives. We are one of the very few companies that offer repair and sharpening of Ceramic Blades. Our Mobile Sharpening offers the same high-quality curbside sharpening service that businesses, restaurants, hotels, institutional, and commercial users have come to expect and you can enjoy that level of service too. Call us at 440-815-1109, or email us at to schedule a sharpening for you. We have a minimum charge of only $50. If you don’t have enough to sharpen, call your friends and neighbors, have a party! We’ll do the work, while you have the fun!